1. Donations from Russia are absolutely accepted- even encouraged. 

2. There are currently no travel restrictions in place at Winter Park, Colorado.  All are welcome to be involved. 

3. None of the money raised will be used to build a GOALS wall that prevents people from getting into or out of river canyons.  Every dollar goes right to getting more kids on more rivers. 

4. An important recent study has concluded that none of the microwave ovens at Winter Park Resort are equipped with cameras.  No one will be spying on you while heating up your hot pockets.

5. The incredible prize list for participants continues to grow - and nothing listed is phony.  We've got tons of high-quality gear and exciting experiences that we can't wait to give away to our most valuable fundraisers at the Vertical Challenge after-party.

6. Another important study has indicated no presence of grizzly bears in the area.  As a result, there will be no need for you to come to this event armed. 

7. Due to his horrible performance on last year's team, we were forced to fire Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arnold has a significant donor base, and it'll take a lot to replace him.  We need you.

8. Be sending more kids on rivers, GOALS is creating "very many more thousands" of jobs for river guides, while boosting the manufacturing sector that builds rafts, inflatable kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards.

9. Whether you're a fan of Obamacare, Trumpcare, or could care less about health coverage, you're reducing costs for the entire system by making healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle choices as a team skier.  You deserve a high five.

10.  Because - all kidding aside - it's more crucial than ever that we empower all kids while connecting them to the wild places that remain. 
Click here to learn more - then choose to either SIGN UP NOW to join over 30 others who've become 2017 Vertical Challenge team members, or MAKE A DONATION to one of their campaigns!  You can even join the team from afar - raising money and awareness through your own peer-to-peer campaign, and assigning one of our local heroes to be your "substitute skier!"