Colorado Gives Day is an annual movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving.  As a result of a generous $1,000,000 incentive fund, your donation goes further on Colorado Gives Day than any other day of the year. 

For 2015, GOALS has set aggressive targets of over $15,000 raised from a support community of at least 100 donors on Colorado Gives Day.  Reaching these targets will empower us to serve more kids than ever on rivers throughout the 2016 program season and beyond. 

Please help GOALS by giving generously today,  then by recognizing those who helped shape your life outdoors by giving in their honor and by thanking them on social media. 

When giving, please identify someone(s) who made a positive impact on your life outdoors.  Make your donation in their honor, and share their email address in the "Special Instructions" box.  GOALS will never use their email address for any reason other than to make them aware that your contribution has been made in their honor. 

Step 2.  Let the world know you support GOALS.
Your friends are far more likely to give to GOALS if they know you support us.  Click here for a 1-day Facebook profile photo you can use to let the world know you've given to GOALS. 

Then, harness the power of social media to thank people who have made a positive impact on your life outdoors and let them know you're donating so more kids will have the same opportunities!