"Over-existing" is at the center of what we do at GOALS.  We aim to instill a belief in the kids we serve that they can do more, seek more, and achieve more than anyone ever thought possible.

You've just made a donation to GOALS for Colorado Gives Day.  Your generosity empowers us get more kids into that powerful over-existing mentality.  In that same mindset, while we're very grateful for your gift, GOALS would be missing an opportunity if we didn't encourage you to grow your contribution by over 500% with minimal effort!

USEITSMALL2 copy2.png

Classy.org is a blog that offers best-practices-based advice to nonprofits for maximizing fundraising.  This infographic recently posted on they posted recently illustrates some important facts for the GOALS support community.

1. December is far and away the most important time for nonprofit fundraising. 

2. On Giving Tuesday (a national initiative that occurs 1 week before Colorado Gives Day), the average gift given among 340 organizations that used Classy as their fundraising platform was $101.28. 

3. HOWEVER, when donors turned into fundraisers, on average they raised an additional $568 from 7 new donors. 

This is your opportunity to over-exist as a GOALS supporter - to do more, seek more, and achieve more than you thought possible...and it's so easy. 

Rather than set up a fundraising campaign, we'll simply rely on social media using Facebook to let people know about your generous gift, and how/why they should follow your lead. 

Click HERE for a quick and easy plan you can implement in less than 5 minutes that will increase your ability to support GOALS by generating new support within our community from yours! 

Thanks a zillion!