Meet your GOALS leader - Ben Shay


Ben's GOALS journey began in 2009, as an 8th grade student at Clear Creek Middle School exploring Desolation Canyon of the Green River.  

In the 9 years that followed, Ben has become a licensed professional river guide, and the captain of the United States mens' under-23 raft racing team.  Ben has explored rivers throughout the western United States, and has even paddled in Costa Rica, Chile, Japan, and Dubai.  He was chosen as one of the first ever GOALS oARLOck award winners - earning a spot on an expedition paddling the mighty Rio Futaleufu in Patagonia and the opportunity to mentor younger GOALS participants by leading their expeditions. 

Aside from being a great river guide, Ben is an also an outstanding role model.  Kids who return from his trips often express that they can't wait to go on another GOALS expedition..."as long as Ben will be on it." 

Ben's favorite part of a river trip is "waking up every morning to the spectacular scenery that rivers offer… well, that or a properly cooked dutch oven cobbler. It’s really a toss up between the two."  When he isn't on the river, you can try to track him down hiking to the best stash of back country snow or chasing great light with his camera.