Meet your GOALS leader - Brett Hochmuth


Brett began working for GOALS in May of 2009, while teaching middle and high school science and math.  His motivation then was no different than it is today - the depth of lessons learned and strength of connections made are more profound on wilderness river expeditions than they could ever possibly be in the classroom. 

With this as his "north star", Brett has lead over 40 GOALS expeditions in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Chile, and Nepal.  His time navigating rapids and sharing campfire stories have made him a better teacher and a more attentive student - both of which he's very thankful for. 

Brett's favorite moments on rivers come when:
- gaining speed on a glassy tongue of moving water that leads right into the big splashy wave downstream.
- turning nervous energy into a confident plan for teens as they scout a significant rapid and determine the proper line to get through it.
- listening to the proud cheering that erupts from duckies and paddle rafts after successfully navigating that same rapid.
- studying a wall of ancient rock art that puts time into perspective.
- hanging out at camp as the late afternoon light turns the walls across the river colors that are difficult to describe or capture through the lens, but easy to appreciate.
- laying in a sleeping bag on his boat, reflecting on the best parts of the day and anticipating what lies downstream while feeling the river gently rock him to sleep.

When he's not on rivers with GOALS, Brett lives in Evergreen with his wife Kristin, their daughters Molly and Maya, and several dogs, cats, and chickens that round out the family.