Meet your GOALS leader - Camille Kintzele


Camille's journey toward becoming a GOALS leader began as a student, experiencing her first 2 GOALS trips in Cataract Canyon during high school.  The connections she created on those expeditions kept her close to the GOALS family - and she would return to the Main Salmon during college, then would ultimately be honored as one of the first ever GOALS oARLOck award winners - traveling to the Rio Futaleufu in Patagonia and leading GOALS expeditions for younger students with her hands on the oars.  

Camille is a caring and nurturing soul, whose mantra is centered around "wings" - and the idea that while we don't always know where the wind is taking us, we should spread those wings and be confident in our ability to land on solid ground in whichever direction we're headed.

In the canyon, you'll often find Camille leading games or sketching with kids.  She's an old soul with loads of wisdom to share, and brings a great deal of insight and mentoring to every child lucky enough to be one of her trips.