Meet your GOALS leader - Emma Leake


Originally from Evergreen, Colorado, Emma grew up spending a great deal of time in the outdoors.  During the summer before her senior year of college, she spent five days on the Rogue River with GOALS and it changed her life. 

Since that time Emma has led both Class I and II GOALS trips through Desolation Canyon on the Green River and Ruby/Horsethief Canyons on the Colorado River.  She is currently the Music Teacher at Glenwood Springs Elementary School and has been working over the past few years to establish and grow a GOALS presence in the Roaring Fork Valley.

River time is one of Emma’s favorite times of the year.  A teacher at heart, she loves taking a group of students who have different levels of comfort and experience on the river and helping them to grow as a group and individually through the challenges that are present on the river. 

When not on the river Emma loves to backpack, read, and explore new places.