Meet your GOALS leader - Genevieve Randa

leader - gen.jpg

Genevieve Randa has been a classroom teacher for 11 years. She loves the joyful energy of students in classrooms, but knows how much that joy is amplified when kids are outside.

Last year, she asked GOALS if she could help lead a trip, and her super strong muscles and goofy giggle won her a spot on a Desolation Canyon expedition. Her love of the river, sleeping under the stars, and helping kids play and explore outside got her hooked, and she's back for more in 2018!

While leading an expedition, Genevieve particularly loves watching kids let their guard down from the beginning of the trip to the end, seeing them succeed in challenges they didn’t know they could take on, listening to the gurgling sound of the river eddies, looking up at the canyons that make her feel so small, and replacing the numbers on her watch with signals from the sun for an entire week.

At home, she hikes, camps, skis, sings in the shower, reads a ton, cooks, and watches superhero/rock-star/princess performances put on by her 2- and 4-year-old daughters. She can’t wait for the Rogue River this summer, and for more adventures with incredible GOALS kids!