Meet your GOALS leader - Kristin Hochmuth


It is safe to say that Kristin has been more closely tied to the creation and evolution of GOALS than just about anyone else - save perhaps for the founder - to whom she is married. 

Kristin brings a passion for sharing the lessons she has learned through river travel to the kids she serves on GOALS expeditions - bravely stretching your comfort zone, curiously exploring the unique plants, animals, and landscapes that are found in river canyons that aren't found at home, and cherishing the gift of "river time" that allows life to slow down and offers ample opportunities throughout the day for journaling, reading, and even river-side yoga.  

Perhaps Kristin's greatest attribute is her versatility.  She has lead GOALS expeditions for elementary school kids in Ruby Canyon, for middle school kids in Desolation Canyon, and for high school kids on the Rogue River in Oregon and the Rio Futaleufu in Patagonian Chile.  When she's not amping up the energy level on the beach of a GOALS trip with her infectious giggle and fun personality, Kristin can be found in Evergreen, Colorado teaching Spanish, tending chickens, and exploring the great outdoors with Brett, their daughters (Molly and Maya), and their dogs (appropriately named Rio and Eddy).