Meet your GOALS leader - Nicole Burris


Nicole is making her 7th lap through Desolation Canyon in 2018 with GOALS! 

A native of Evergreen, she got involved with GOALS through her position teaching Spanish at Clear Creek Middle School with GOALS founder Brett Hochmuth.  Her favorite part a GOALS expedition is getting to see the change in each student when thay are removed from technology and immersed in nature.  Nicole writes, "I love seeing them transform into confident, caring, young adults. I also love being able to connect with my students on a different level that you can't in a classroom or on a soccer field - nature just brings out the best in people!"

Nicole develops excellent rapport with her students while teaching them Spanish and Environmental Studies at Clear Creek Middle School or coaching the girls' soccer team.  She loves to travel, and has visited Spain, Peru, Mexico (9 times!), Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands.

When she isn't exploring Desolation Canyon on a GOALS expedition or traveling the globe, Nicole enjoys time with her husband and their young son.  She is looking forward to this 8th lap through Desolation and Gray Canyon of the Green River, adding, "I am always excited to gaze at the stars while listening to the river rush by and see the sunrise and set over the walls of the canyon."