Meet your GOALS leader - Shonya Petrelli


Some people are born to be teachers.  Shonya Petrelli is one of them.

Spend any time with Shonya, and you'll quickly come to realize how deeply she cares about making a positive, long-term impact on the kids lucky enough to find themselves in her class.  Follow her social media posts, and you'll see a revolving door at Newton Middle School of young adults who were last taught by Shonya decades prior, but who find themselves returning for a visit to her classroom in the hopes one more more hug and the potential for a bit more of that special "Mrs. Petrelli" wisdom that makes us all feel like better people when we're around her.

Shonya has lead her students through Desolation Canyon of the Green River in Utah, the Wild and Scenic Rogue River in Oregon, and the Main Salmon in Idaho.  She looks forward to exploring Yampa Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument this summer.