Meet your GOALS leader - Tessa Leake


Tessa went on her first GOALS trip in 8th grade through Desolation Canyon on the Green River and immediately fell in love with life on the river.  Since then, she has been on the Rogue River in Oregon, the Main Salmon in Idaho, and the Futaleufu in Patagonian Chile as a participant with GOALS, and has lead youth programs on Ruby Canyon of the Colorado River as it flows from Colorado into Utah .


Now that Tessa has graduated the University of Montana with a degree in Community Health and a minor in Wilderness Studies, she is using all that education to train to be a commercial whitewater rafting guide in Missoula, Montana.


Tessa’s favorite part of a river trip is making connections with the river and the people she experiences it with. In her spare time, Tessa loves baking treats for her friends and family and beating them at a game of Scrabble after she’s sugared them up. Aside from being on the river rafting and kayaking, Tessa enjoys backpacking and skiing in the winter.