A Glance Back At

What was Accomplished

A Moment To Reflect

With September comes the changing of seasons. It seems to be the month of transition, by that I mean we pack away our boats, roll up the sleeping bags and send the kids off to school. As we push through these daily tasks of leaving another summer behind and looking on into the coming winter we should, and by “we” I mean all of us not just here at GOALS ,but those reading as well. Stop for just a moment and reflect. For me that moment came just the other day while out walking the dog. I stopped to take sip of coffee out of one of those infamous grey and blue Sheri Griffith mugs and in front of me the grove of aspens had just begun to change its leaves. As the breeze swept through the grove small flurries of leaves danced their way through mid-air… in that moment I knew that those flurries of leaves would soon be replaced by flurries of snow, but I also realized that it meant the closing of another season on rivers. I was able to, in that moment just before the leaves touched the ground remember the kids, their laughter ringing off the canyon walls, all the smiles and smile breaks. What we do is special, the impact that this program has had on children and continues to have on children continues to inspire us to do more. As your kids have wandered off to new classes, to new adventures we know that the lessons they learned in the canyon will shine through in the class room. So as we have shared our reflection with you we hope you will do the same with our family and the many families to come.

Keeping it Going

“Live in the moment!”
— Carly DiPirro, Age 13, Desolation Canyon

Seeing the impact that this program has had on your own child… imagine what it can do for others. Giving other families the same opportunity is what we strive to do here at GOALS. Now more than ever though that opportunity sits in your lap, and it’s not hard either. We believe rather than putting all of our eggs in one basket per say we believe in the power of what a community can put in the same basket. Help us in joining hands as a community to keep the next generation exploring the important places.

Recurring Monthly Donation

“There is so much more to earth than what people mostly see. This trip will truly Change who I am because there’s a lot in our world and humans are one of the newest additions.”
— Jaden Rogers, Age 14, Desolation Canyon

Remaining within the egg metaphor… Instead of giving a dozen eggs now give an egg a month. A recurring monthly donation is exactly as it sounds, once a month you voluntarily donate an amount of your choosing. What we are asking for is a monthly donation of $25. To help in visualizing by giving $25 a month over a year you will have given $300. $25 dollars a month is less than you would spend going out for dinner one night, but as a community if we all give $25 a month that year to date number becomes even more significant. We invite you to donate what you can as every piece helps. One egg can go a far ways to feeding the kingdom.


One Time Donation

So we hear you prefer to put all your eggs in one basket?

one last quote
— one last person, age 0, river

Perfect! Let us grab you a basket. This One Time donation of an amount of your choosing keeps putting more paddles in the water and more smiles on kids faces. We greatly appreciate your generosity.