It is nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep when camping at the put-in for the Rogue River.  This is a place you can't wait to explore- where every turn offers something new and exciting.  In the calm stretches, you'll be mesmerized by the canyon's banks made of dark volcanic rock whose shapes and curves have been sculpted by the clear turquoise water.  Towering over them is one of the most beautiful old growth pine forests in North America - a unique mix of gigantic firs and twisted, red madrones that filter the streaming sunlight in a way that captures and keeps your attention. 

When rapids approach, you'll peer into the river and be momentarily hypnotized by the cobblestone bottom that seems to shoot past you upstream as you ride the glassy tongue of water like a magic carpet into one of the countless class III rapids that make the Rogue comfortably challenging.  You'll look forward to the excitement of Mule Creek Canyon - a mile-long stretch where the Rogue channels into a narrow basalt chasm not much over 20 feet wide in some areas, churning the river into a spirited and energetic stretch which culminates in a seemingly private room walled off from the rest of the planet called "The Coffee Pot."  Sections like this, and the famous "Blossom Bar" rapid will keep your pulse rate high, but for the most part the Rogue is a place of inspiration and wonder. 

Some days you'll enjoy a side that will make you feel like you've just stepped onto the set of "Lord of the Rings".  Others you'll spend so much time swimming in the warm, clear water that you'll swear you're starting to grow gills.  And others, you might just enjoy some downtime on one of the Rogue's beautiful beaches watching osprey dive for fish or keeping an eye out for a black bear and her cubs to lumber past on the opposite bank.  We only wish that the Rogue was a longer sure to take in every mile while you're there!

Rogue River Itinerary INCLUDES:

  • R/T airfare from Denver, CO to Portland, OR.
  • Ground transportation from Portland to launch site at Alameda Bar.
  • We spend the night before our launch camped beside the river at our put-in ramp, dreaming of what is to come. 
  • Several warm-up rapids lead to the excitement of Rainey Falls.
  • 5 days are spent challenging the rapids that can best be described as "thrilling-but-not-terrifying" in a paddle raft or inflatable kayaks. 
  • Our home each evening is one of the Rogue's welcoming sandy and cobble-stone filled beaches, watching for deer, bear, otter, osprey, great blue heron and bald eagles and listening to the river's song.
  • Enjoy hikes to historic homesteads like the Rogue River Ranch and Zane Grey's cabin, or up beautiful side streams through vibrant ecosystems to tumbling waterfalls.
  • Raft through the no-way-to-describe-it-unless-you've-been-there Mule Creek Canyon, then navigate through the intimidating boulder field that creates Blossom Bar rapid.
  • The expedition concludes at Foster Bar, where vehicles have been shuttled and are ready to take us to the rugged Oregon Coast for one more night of camping together and an opportunity to close up the expedition while watching a Pacific sunset. 
  • Campsite on the Oregon Coast the night after out expedition.
  • Ground transportation back to Portland for return flight.


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7 days.   $1,870.


7 days.   $1,870.


7 days.   $1,870.