Inner Compass River Immersion

GOALS first ever adult specialty program is taking place on the GATES OF LODORE, Green River through CO and UT this July 13-16, 2016.

This Inner Compass Trip breaks you out of your status quo and expertly guides you back to rejuvenation, connection, and direction through a  4-day, 4-night river trip and Nature Immersion Coaching.

Through the canyon lands of Colorado and Utah, you will rediscover clarity and confidence in your purpose, direction, and the meaning of life!

What makes this a specialty trip?

1. Specialty Programming 

Morning meditations and practices to get connected to ourselves, the earth, and each other.

Evening activities and workshops that  are designed to specifically to help you get in touch with your inner compass, your wild soul, and the tingling of your heart on fire. 

Fire ceremony  to burn away everything you no longer need in your new awesome life.

2. Intention and Re-entry coaching

In order to make your experience as impactful as possible, Rachel and Angela will be meeting with each trip member one on one ahead of time to explore your biggest intentions for the trip and create a deeply personal intention guide for your trip and beyond.

During the trip you will receive personalized one on one time with Rachel and Angela to track your unique experience on the river and give you even more tools to tackle your next rapid, whether it's on the river or internal.

After the program, we'll meet again for a re-entry session where we unpack your biggest lessons from the river and break them down into practical steps and practices to implement into your daily life. After you've discovered your next direction, we'll help you set up the systems you need to move toward it!

3. IT'S CO-FACILITATED BY awesome experts 

Angela Merrill, MA, LPC: WildernessTherapist and White Water Guide

Rachel Thor, YTT: Inner Compass Coach and Wilderness Trip Leader

Angela and Rachel bring over two decades of combined personal development training, facilitation, and passion as well as wilderness immersion experiences and guiding. They are perfectly equipped to make this much more than a river trip that you will never forget! See more below.

Our capacity to evolve is earth shattering, and this is what makes Angela tick. Angela has a counseling practice in Boulder and has been working in the mental health field for over a decade. She graduated from Naropa University with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy. 

Angela’s passion for personal evolution and working with others came from her love and immersion in the natural world.  Angela grew up in the woods and on the waters in rural Maine and has been a river and wilderness guide for many years. She enjoys traveling, connecting with nature and soul, and supporting people on their own unique adventures. Currently, Angela cannot wait to get on the water with you! Let’s go rafting! 

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Rachel Thor is a Pennsylvania native who has grown up creating what she wanted out of life: classes, jobs, and even self-healing.

In undergrad she created her own major integrating wilderness studies, philosophy, art, and education, knowing that these were each an essential part of what she wanted to offer the world (even if she didn't know how at the time).

Rachel has been leading backpacking trips for 5 years, intuitively taught herself dance therapy before she knew it was a profession, and has spent countless hours over the past 10 years living out (and geeking out) about the fractal essence of life, purpose, and spiritual connection. Rachel’s mission is to help others step fully into their powerful purpose. She helps you discover and trust the unique genius that only you hold.

Today, as an Inner Compass Coach, she is weaving together her passion for adventure, play, and personal transformation in groundbreaking experiences for men and women to discover their deepest truth and follow their unique inner compass to live life's great adventure!

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Learn more at one of our free meet and greets this spring happening at Avery Brewing in Boulder.  
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Thank you for your interest!