Every river has a main channel.  It's what we often think of when we think of that river.  Closer analysis, however, shows that the main channel is actual the combination of energy, resources, and nutrients that have been provided by the tributaries which flow into it. 

The same is true at GOALS.  If the organization itself is viewed as "the main channel", then it is clearly the conglomerate of what each person involved brings in - the combined energy, resources, and nutrients that each of you provide to increase the flow of our main channel.  This calendar has been created to keep that flow strong throughout the entire year - not just during our program season.  After all, while cherish the time we're able to spend connecting with many of our tributaries in the canyon, but miss our GOALS family after hitting the take-out and going separate ways.  Our newest initiative - the "tributary calendar" - allows us to continue growing together while enjoying social events that keep connections made in the canyon strong and foster new relationships between kids and families from different expeditions. 

This is intended to work in two ways.  First, GOALS will design and host events FOR our community.  Some of these are youth-focused, some are adult-focused, and some are mixed.  They'll all be listed in the calendar below, along with links for registration. 

In addition - we're asking our family to make this community aware of important events in your life that we need to know about.  If you've got an important athletic contest, theater production, or anything else you'd like to invite the GOALS family to cheer you on for or share the experience with you, please use the forum found under the calendar to post events that are presented BY our community, then send us an email to make sure we know about it.  We'll happily add the important things happening in your life to the family calendar so that anyone who's interested can also be involved!


Do you have a big swim meet or basketball game coming up where it'd mean the world to have your GOALS friends cheering you on? 
Are you starring in an upcoming play or piano recital?  Please use this form to tell GOALS all about the important events coming up on your calendar - sothat we can add them to ours above! 

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When does this event take place?