The "Upper C" is the perfect opportunity for groups who are looking to experience a comfortable introduction to multi-day river expeditions without driving too far from Denver, Colorado. 

This is where the mighty Colorado River begins to "grow into itself" - not far from the headwaters, but in a place where the river volume and canyon landscape transform for the first time into a place that reminds anyone who chooses to paddle it that you're officially traveling on one of the most iconic rivers on the planet. 

The Upper Colorado is a popular GOALS program for elementary school groups.  It's close to Denver, contains several sets of small rapids that provide some excitement, offers a chance to enjoy riverside hot springs, short hikes, and plenty of group play time at beautiful camp sites where some kids experience their first nights under the stars. 

This is a great introduction to multi-day rafting trips - close to home, but far from ordinary! 


  • We'll meet at the Pumphouse boat ramp near Kremmling, Colorado - a great place to camp out the night before your trip launch.
  • Following a brief orientation with our friendly and professional river guides in the morning, we'll begin our adventure and float toward the first set of rapids in "Little Gore Canyon."
  • Healthy lunches will be prepared on the side of the river by your guides, while dinners and breakfasts will be a combined effort in camp each day between the guides and your "cook crew" - changing each day.
  • Long afternoons in camp will offer plenty of time for play or exploring the unique landscape - and will end in great dinners followed by a fun campfire under the largest star display you can imagine. 
  • Long stretches of flatwater will give kids the opportunity to swim, paddle their own boats, and gain confidence before getting back to business for fun rapids that include "Eye of the Needle", "Yarmony", and several other Class II splashy rapids that our young explorers are proud to navigate!
  • After 3 days of fun, you'll be shuttled back to the put-in to retrieve your vehicles, and start planning your return trip to the Upper Colorado. 




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T H I S   I S   T H E   U P P E R   C O L O R A D O .