substitute skier INFO

You're an out-of-town supporter than wants to make a difference, even though you can't make it to the event at Winter Park.

We can't thank you enough for raising money and awareness - while also giving GOALS graduates a chance to "give back" by volunteering to ski for the out-of-town supporters.  The group of incredible kids below are OVER-EXISTING so that you can leave your mark on the 2016 GOALS Vertical Challenge...all because a GOALS river expedition left its' mark on them!


  1. Build your online fundraising page.
    Click here, then find the green "Participate in this Thon" button.
  2. Choose one of our dedicated GOALS graduates below to be your substitute skier.  When asking for pledges, be sure to tell your donors that the child you've selected is working hard to ski for your donors, so that more kids can have the same moving experience they did in the canyon with GOALS.

T H E    2 0 1 6    G O A L S    S U B S T I T UT E    S K I E R    T E A M