The team competition was introduced before our 2014 GOALS Vertical Challenge, and has been a popular option ever since for people who have a group of friends that share their competitive spirit. 

Here are the rules for the TEAM COMPETITION at the 2016 GOALS VERTICAL CHALLENGE:

  1. Teams will consist of 4 athletes. 
  2. An unlimited number of teams can register for the event, but only the top 2 teams (based on total fundraising) will win this year's team prize.  Just as the Masters hands out the coveted green jacket to its' top finisher each year, we'll be draping our top 2 teams in the official GOALS 2016 Vertical Challenge lightweight puffy jacket by Cloudveil - featuring the GOALS colors and embroidered logo as pictured below.
    (Note: to be eligible for the 2016 Vertical Challenge jacket, each team must gather a minimum of $2000 total pledges (an average of $500 for each team member).
  3. All team members are also eligible to compete for individual prizes.