To inspire and thank our Vertical Challenge athletes, GOALS works hard to create an impressive list of prizes you might walk away from the event with. 

Here are the rules for 2017 individual prize eligibility:


All prizes acquired for the event will be on display at the after-party.  Next to each prize will be a cup for tickets.  In order to win the prize, your ticket must be drawn.  To earn tickets, you must raise at least $500.  Once you do, you'll receive 1 ticket that can be placed into the cup associated with any prize you want to take home. 

Then, for every $100 you raise over $500, you'll receive an additional ticket.  For example, if you raise $740, you would earn 3 tickets.  Place them all is one cup or divide them among several prizes - it's up to you!  

Note: all participants are eligible to win individual prizes, including members of teams who are also competing for a Westwater Canyon river expedition as described below.


New for the 7th annual Vertical Challenge - the Lucky 7 team category. 

If you're interested in a free overnight rafting expedition through Westwater Canyon of the Colorado River - named recently by National Geographic as the best short whitewater experience in North America, then form a team of 7 motivated fundraisers.

 Who's in your Lucky 7?

Who's in your Lucky 7?

The two teams who raise the most money in this year's Vertical Challenge will earn their way to living the GOALS experience in Westwater Canyon this fall, with all outfitting expenses paid.  What's better than getting kids outside on rivers?  Getting to experience the magic yourself because you've made it possible for more kids than anyone else!   

Here are the rules for 2017 team prize eligibility:

1. Teams must be composed of 7 members.
2. The minimum team sum must be at least $3500.
3. Team members who are not pulling their weight can not be replaced by individual fundraisers at the top of the leader board.  No team member substitutions are allowed after March 7. 
4. Winning teams will be given seats on a GOALS Westwater Canyon launch dedicated to celebrating the Lucky 7 winners (dates TBD soon - likely August or September).  Team members can not offer their seat to someone not associated with the GOALS Vertical Challenge.