Let me be blunt.  We need your help.

With just 5 days left in our "week to make waves" campaign, we need to connect with EVERY person who supports our vision of making GOALS river expeditions available to every child. The money we're raising this week will provide low- or no-cost river expeditions to exceptional kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who could not have afforded the experience until now.

In the world of peer-to-peer fundraising, your participation is crucial for one simple reason.  You know an awful lot of people that GOALS doesn't know.  Many of them are also outdoor enthusiasts who recognize the growth that kids experience outdoors and know how important it is to connect them to wild places. 

GOALS - and the kids we'll serve through The Ripple Effect fund that is being established this week - need you to help connect these people to us and ask for their support to make our vision possible and expand it to as many kids as we can.

You can have a huge impact on the success of this campaign by simply:
1. Creating your own fundraising page here
2. Seeding it with whatever amount you're comfortable giving. 
3. Sending it to people you know who may follow your lead.
4. Glowing with satisfaction about what you've made possible. 




There is IMMENSE POWER in peer-to-peer fundraising model.  

First, consider if this were a simple ask that wasn't built on a peer-to-peer platform.  I might reach out to 10 potential donors asking for their support.  Let's say that each green dot represents a donor who gives $30 and goes no further.  I've now raised $300 for GOALS, and it has all come from people who already knew about the work we're doing.   


But, this IS a peer-to-peer model, and thus rather than giving to the campaign that I've set up for GOALS, you become a fundraiser.  It takes less than 3 minutes to get set up - and it's easy and fun to customize.  You send your page out to lots of people that GOALS is not connected to - and at least 10 of them are motivated to give. 

Now, instead of your own $30 impact on The Ripple Effect, you've had a $330 financial impact.  Perhaps more importantly, you've also brought at least 10 more people into our community, and may have helped us connect to great program leaders, future expedition participants, etc. 

It was easy and fun - and you're feeling great about motivating your friends to support a charity whose work and vision you admire. 


When every supporter creates a page of their own and connects GOALS with the people they know, the magic starts to happen.  The same 10 people I might have reached out to initially - each of whom could give $30 and therefore generate a sum of $300 for The Ripple Effect - are now working together to generate $3,300.  They're telling 100 new people about the work we're doing at GOALS.  They're growing our network - and thereby our reputation, reach, and potential to shape lives on rivers - exponentially.

There is no time to waste. 

We're using the week between Giving Tuesday (November 28) and Colorado Gives Day (December 5) to create the permanent fund that will make this possible.   We have less than a week to blow this thing up.  Jump in now.  Make your own waves and know that they'll make ripples - which won't ever fade away. 

Please build your page now.  Send it to friends who share your values and want more kids to explore outdoors on wild rivers with GOALS.  Help us expand what we offer to an entirely new audience. 

You make it possible - we'll make it powerful.


Why is The Ripple Effect so important?

When you throw a rock into water, there's an initial, visible ripple created.  The ripple lasts just a short amount of time before it seemingly fades out. 

In reality, however, that ripple never fully fades - just like the lessons and memories kids take away from GOALS expeditions.  In much the same manner, the Ripple Effect fund creates a multi-level "pay-it-forward" structure by first allowing GOALS to create that initial ripple for many children and families who could not otherwise afford the experience, then allowing each of their ripples to spread throughout communities forever.  

Your fundraising efforts or individual donation will directly increase the number of kids GOALS can serve through The Ripple Effect in 2018.  Our unique curriculum and dedicated mentors will blow their minds and provide far more than a river trip. 

At the end of next summer, when you're looking at photo albums and reading reflections from the kids we served via The Ripple Effect, you'll know that you made more than a donation - even more than a fundraising page.

You'll know that you make a difference.