The growth that comes from participation in a GOALS wilderness river expedition is available to all kids. 

Intentional program development, tenacious fundraising, and a differentiated curriculum allow GOALS to serve a wide spectrum of participants.  Enrollment is available to any interested child, and programs can be built for groups through specific schools, scout troops, etc. - or kids can register as individuals and join existing groups that have space available.  

Some of our program participants cover their own expedition costs, and may even contribute to the GOALS "ripple effect" scholarship fund - enabling those less fortunate to experience the same growth that they will.  Others will require some financial aid, and in extreme situations some programs for exceptional youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are offered at no cost. 

GOALS participants arrive at their expeditions from a variety of backgrounds.  Once we're on the river, the simple beauty is...none of that matters.  Since our founding in 2010, no interested child has been unable to participate in a GOALS program due to financial limitations.  Through valuable partnerships and generous support from those who value the impact that GOALS can make on all lives, we intend to keep that streak alive.