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GOALS youth river expeditions connect kids to peers, planet, and self using an innovative curriculum delivered on wilderness river expeditions. Our financial assistance is centered around a core value that every child benefits from the individual growth and group camaraderie that develop throughout a GOALS expedition - and that cost should not prevent an anyone who is interested from participating.

Through the tireless fundraising efforts of our small staff and the generous donations of a individuals, businesses, and foundations that give in support of our mission, GOALS has been able to provide enough financial aid that no child has ever been unable to participate in a GOALS expedition due to their inability to cover costs. This is a streak we are proud to have kept alive for 9 consecutive years - and one that we don’t intend to break in 2019.

The GOALS financial assistance committee views this as a team effort, and makes awards based on a combination of need, individual effort, and fund availability. Awards generally cover 10-40% of the total program cost, with successful applicants at the higher end of that scale demonstrating a combination of significant need and an individual/family effort to fund raise or work for their portion.


  1. Apply for the 2019 expedition that you are interested in. GOALS will then thoughtfully review your application and connect with your references. If we feel that you’re a great candidate for a GOALS youth river expedition, we’ll send you an acceptance and a placement letter for one of the expeditions you’ve applied to participate in.

  2. When you receive your placement letter, you can then register and secure your spot on the expedition team. Doing so requires a $250 deposit for expeditions in the US, or $1500 for international expeditions. This serves as a commitment to your program.

  3. Complete the financial assistance application below. If you have more than one child participating in a single season, a separate financial assistance application must be submitted for each child.

  4. While we are reviewing your application, take action. Lead by example. Use the GOALS electronic fundraising software to create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, or get involved in a GOALS fundraiser like the 9th annual ski-a-thon. Any money you raise goes directly toward the cost of your expedition.

  5. The GOALS financial assistance window is open from January 15 through March 15. After this window for applications closes, award recipients will be notified via email.


Anyone is eligible to apply for financial assistance from GOALS. In general, families with a combined household income below $100,000 are given priority - though aid may be available to families with higher income who have multiple children enrolled or with other extenuating circumstances described in their application. Please be aware that proof of 2018 annual income in the form of a tax return must be provided for your financial assistance application to be considered.

1. Youth applicant's name: *
1. Youth applicant's name:
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5. Parent / Guardian's Name (person completing this application):
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7. Parent / Guardian's phone:
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Note: this can be located on line 37 from IRS form 1040 (or line 21 on form 1040A / line 4 from 1040 EZ). A scanned or electronic copy of this portion of your tax return is required for verification.
Note: typical awards generally vary between 10-40% of total expedition cost. The GOALS financial assistance committee looks most favorably on applications that suggest a team effort that combines family contribution, effort by the participant, and support from GOALS.
SECTION 5. SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS. Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible.
Thank you for applying for financial assistance from GOALS for your 2019 expedition. After thoughtfully reviewing your answers, please submit them using the button below. Once submitted, your responses can not be changed.
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Date of Application Submission:
By clicking SUBMIT below, I certify that the information I have provided is correct and accurate. I understand that if information regarding additional sources of financial support are not disclosed, or are disclosed inaccurately, GOALS reserves the right to withdraw some or all of my financial assistance award. I understand that GOALS may require financial documentation (tax returns and/or pay stubs) prior to allocating awards of financial assistance. *