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3 good reasons to give to GOALS


1. Give in Memory…

…of Arlo. GOALS would not be what it is today without Arlo Tejada. As an early believer and supporter, Arlo put the power of his family’s business - Sheri Griffith River Expeditions - behind the passion of our founder to make GOALS a reality. We continue to honor Arlo’s commitment to impacting kids on wild rivers with the prestigious oARLOck award - offered to experienced GOALS kids who return to mentor new GOALS participants as program leaders. Tomorrow marks 4 years since Arlo’s passing - far too early. GOALS will keep his legacy flowing through kids on rivers and the oARLOck award.

…of Mike. Although the GOALS family never had the pleasure of knowing Mike Romano, we are blessed to have the support of his widow, Johnnie. A dedicated and dynamic educator, Johnnie extends her passion for working with kids beyond the classroom through her work with GOALS. Last year, Johnnie lost her favorite river first mate, and has created a Gives Week campaign in his honor that will empower her - through GOALS - to share their love of exploring wild rivers with kids lucky enough to enjoy her contagious passion for adventure, learning, and growth. Johnnie proudly announced on electronic fundraising page that , “an anonymous donor will match your donation dollar for dollar when donated through my page. Help Mike's spirit and passion for rivers and children continue.”


2. Give to REVERSE a disturbing trend…

For the second time in three years, life expectancy in the United States has decreased. Among the prevailing factors leading to this disturbing trend are the opioid epidemic and suicide.

According to Kathryn McHugh, when quoted in a recent NPR article speaking on behalf of the Harvard Medical School, more people died of overdose in 2017 than at the peak of the HIV epidemic or the highest rates of traffic fatalities that we’ve seen in this country. Additionally, suicides are now the 10th leading cause of death in the US - 2nd most common for people age 10 to 34.

"We're seeing the drop in life expectancy not because we're hitting a cap [for lifespans of] people in their 80s. (in fact, it should be noted that cancer deaths were down a small percentage from 2016 to 2017). We're seeing a drop in life expectancy because people are dying in their 20s [and] 30s," McHugh said.

Is GOALS focused specifically on curbing opioid drug use or reducing teen suicides? Not exactly. But in the words of William Dietz, Director of Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness at George Washington University - the “very disturbing” themes of death rates from overdose and suicide are likely linked, and may be “caused by social shifts in the United States that have caused people to become less connected to each other in communities.”

Our mission is to CONNECT kids to peers, planet, and self on wild rivers. Connections matter.

3. Give to CONTINUE a promising trend…

Since our founding 9 years ago, no interested child has ever been prevented from participating due to their family’s inability to cover the costs of participation. 

Early in our development, GOALS formed partnerships with top commercial outfitters admired for their decades of commitment to safety, top-quality gear and guides, and to making the experience about more than just a river trip.  These outfitters command, and deserve, a significant cost when providing the gear, permits, and licensed professional guides that GOALS needs to effectively execute the expeditions which accomplish our mission. 

Through skillful and tireless fundraising, GOALS has always raised enough money annually to ensure that ample financial assistance allows every interested child to experience a GOALS expedition.  We believe that individual and group connections which are forged through participation in a GOALS expedition should not be limited to any specific demographic, and serve all kids between 4th grade and college – with no limitations imposed by gender, race, religion, and most importantly – by socioeconomic status. 

Give today so that we may continue to be need-blind, providing generous financial assistance to families whose interest in participation outweighs their available resources.