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A call to action for all the change makers I know…

In early March, GOALS will kick off it’s 10th anniversary season by leading a group of kids on a 14 day expedition to Patagonia. Before we depart, there is work to do - I need your help making it happen.


In our first 9 years, GOALS has served 1245 kids. We’ve provided almost 7,000 river days and logged over 73,000 river miles. I’m proud of all those numbers - but more proud of the statement below:

Throughout our first 9 years, not one interested child has been unable to participate because their family couldn’t afford the cost. We have always provided enough financial aid to ensure that every kids who longs to connect to peers, planet, and self through a GOALS wilderness river expedition has been able to. This is a streak I intend to keep alive, despite the fact that demand for GOALS programs continues to rise and the number of kids we serve each year continues to increase.

The majority of our financial aid money is raised every year in the annual GOALS ski-a-thon. This event is set up as a peer-to-peer fundraiser, where GOALS supporters create their own fundraising page, then send it to friends asking for pledges. Thus, the power in this event is tied directly to the number of supporters who participate.

Now, then…

  • I’m asking you to create your own page. Right now. It will take 3-5 minutes.

    It doesn’t matter if you show up to ski with us on March 3rd at Echo Mountain. Sure, we’d love to have you - and hope you can make it. But, the fundraising is done by then. The ski-a-thon day itself is a day to celebrate the success of this year’s fundraising team.

  • Ask yourself if you know enough people to raise just $100 - $250 that could positively shape young lives outdoors. You do. And, you can.

    It doesn’t take raising thousands of dollars to make a difference. It takes lots of people doing their part. It takes a community of supporters. You know people who value the work we’re doing, and we need your help reaching them to make our mission possible for every interested child.

  • I am setting a lofty goal of recruiting at least 50 members for my team. I want you on it.

    50 people who each raise just $200 will generate $10,000 in 2019 GOALS scholarships. Let’s do this.

    It’s so easy - just click the button below, then hit “become a fundraiser” and you’re in.

Make your February matter. Make a difference. The time has never been more important - for GOALS, for kids, and for wild places. Here we go - I’m looking forward to welcoming you to the team.