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GOALS programs can only be as excellent as the people who make them happen. 

These people are much more than guides.  These are the 1%.  They are the people you look up to for identifying the direction their inner compass was headed - then following it.  Their calloused hands, strong shoulders, and collections of campfire stories have been built by years of experience.  In many cases, they're mentoring kids through GOALS because someone did the same for them as an adolescent - and it changed their life.  In some cases, they've come up through our programs as teens only to turn around and lead them as young adults. 

They are professional, knowledgeable, and caring.  They do far more than lead GOALS programs - they inspire, educate, empower, and lead - and they love every minute of it.  Their spirit is palpable - and contagious.  These are the incredible people we learn from, work with, and emulate. 

This is the team that makes the magic happen.  We are blessed to call them our family.