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Since our founding in 2010, GOALS has increased the number of kids we serve each year by more than 500%.

With a solid curriculum in place and demand for GOALS programs on the rise, we're now focused on expanding the audience we're able to serve.  Our current fundraising objective - the GOALS 2020 Vision - aims to increase our annual scholarship fund by 500% between 2018 and 2020, making the growth and empowerment that comes from a GOALS expedition available to a larger population of exceptional youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Support the GOALS mission to connect, inspire, and empower people through multi-day wilderness river expeditions.  Your financial support will be used to further develop the organizational resources and to provide financial assistance to general youth programs ensuring that no interested child is prevented from participation due to an inability to pay. 


Expand the GOALS outreach division.  Your financial support will be used to provide GOALS expeditions for disadvantaged children who have been identified as having outstanding potential and inadequate resources.  We intend to play a role in altering the trajectory of what they view as possible by providing cost-free river expeditions through your support.